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Welcome dental hygiene community.  Designed for dental hygienists, I want this site to be a place to learn, vent, and gain experience through a collective collaboration.  We are dedicated to keeping hygienists connected.

Education and experience says a lot but we occasionally find ourselves out of our element needing advice or maybe a little reassurance.  The dental profession can be a solitary one at least it often feels that way.  We should stick together and help each other out. 

Use this website as a forum to get a little extra support from time to time, or to give and receive guidance whenever you need it.  Every year we host our annual Spring Fling Hygiene Expo designed for dental hygienists only.  It is a great way to gain quality continuing education, network with colleagues and have a little fun too.

Dental hygienists are my favorite people and I feel they get little respect.  When it comes down to it we know most practices cannot run effectively, efficiently, or productively without you.

Our goal is to provide a site full of real patient cases and information to enhance your dental knowledge.  Our mission is to give the most accurate information available about Dental Health today.
Here you will have access to techniques, reports, advice, education, and much more. 

Our practice is focused on premiere service with the highest quality of implant and periodontal treatment offered.  Our emphasis is centered on Comprehensive Periodontics, Bone Regeneration, Laser Therapy, Soft Tissue Grafting, Dental Implants and Cone Beam Imaging.  I hope to share the information we see in our practice and in turn it can help you become better at what you do best.

I want to welcome everyone!  Sit back, visit often, and participate when you feel like it.  Enjoy!

Dr. Robin D. Henderson
Dr. Robin D. Henderson
University of Louisville graduate. Current Perio & Implant practice in Oklahoma City, OK. Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

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